Optical Fusion Splicer Machine V9+


Name : V9+
Size of host machine : W*L*H 140*165*150mm (excluding rubber bumper)
Weight : Host machine 2KG (including rubber bumper) / 1.7KG (Excluding rubber bumper) , Weight of battery 0.38KG
Applied in: FTTH & Trunk fiber
Alignment method: Core Alignment by PAS technology
Fiber Cores: Single Fiber
Applied fiber Category: SM/MM/DS/NZDS
Diameter of fiber 0.25-0.3mm / indoor Cable
Fiber placed & Cleaved length: Coating diameter 0.125-1mm / cleave length 8-16mm
spliced mode Multiple splice mode
Typical splice loss: 0.01db-0.05db
Return loss >60 dB
Lighting: 3 high-power LED white light
Splicing time 6-10s
Estimated splice loss Yes
Splicing lenth: 20-60mm
Heating time: multiple heating modes / typical heating time 15-30s
Result storage 1000 latest records
Tension test: 1.5-2.0N
Operating Condition altitude 0-5000m, relative humidity 0-95%, -10~50C , 15m/s max wind speed
Storage condition: relative humidity 0-95%, -40~80C
Display: 90 Bi-directional view, 5 inches 800*480 high-resolution color LCD touch-screen
Faber view & Magnifcation X, Y, X/Y: double click 500 times magnification
Power supply AC 100-240V, DC 12-15V
Battery capacity:  5200mAh
Heating time: Typical heating more than 280 times
Operating method: button / touch screen
Adaptive discharge:  Automatic ARC calibration by air pressure and temperature
Electode life: 5000 ARCS
Terminal: Mini USB 2.0